Really does help optimize your time ★★★★★

This is my favorite time management tool. Associating each task with a goal prevents over committing to things that aren’t priorities. My favorite feature is the planner view in calc mode. I can see at a glance when I have time for a given task or event I want to schedule. I have been very impressed with the responsiveness of the developers. They have answered my questions promptly and with clarity. The latest update is a great improvement on an already great tool.

— Makin’ waves

Awesome! ★★★★★

I agree with previous reviewers, it’s the best organizer I’ve seen! Review about Library for long-term goals caught my attention, I’ve uploaded this app and my life has changed! It really works! Five stars! This version is more reliable and convenient, because it has new great features: import my data from Google Calendar and backup my data to Google Drive. Now I am sure that my data in safe. Now I can edit life’s key areas in Organizer, so I can make “fine-tuning” accordingly to my own time management style! Thank you for great tool!

— Evgen Adoniev

Great ap! ★★★★★

I’ve used several task and calendar aps. This is the best at really keeping you focused on your goals and seeing where your time is going. Also the developer is very responsive to emails and provides quick responses to questions. Pro version is definitely worth it.

— Makin’ waves

Mr ★★★★★

Great app. I’ve checked out the best ipad apps including web apps and this one tops them all. Easy to use and full featured. Best goal setting and tracking app in the App Store.

— Edezylva

Great! ★★★★★

The best planner / organiser app I’ve tried, and I’ve tried most of them!

— Slurms_Mckenzie

Best time management app ★★★★★

Firstly, this developer has the best customer service I’ve experienced in the app store. I’ve only had this app for a few days but I can already see my goals being acomplished. Not only can you enter your goals and the tasks you must complete to reach them, but you can add your normal schedule in there too so it’s all in the one place. The iPhone companion is handy too. You can sync both your iPad and iPhone through iCloud which is awesome! Well worth the cost of the full version.

— Jazzjedi

Mr. ★★★★★

I find this very helpful. It helps me focus on priorities in important areas of my life and makes me see if my daily tasks are connected to the goals I have set.

— Efigenio

Very good for me and thank you very much ★★★★★

very good for me and thank you very much

— 月旦评

Llooovvvee this app ★★★★★

This is the best thing ever,it is simple and easy to use. it has helped me organize my life daily,weekly, and monthly. It even allows me to set my goals and visually see them!

— My partner in life!

Great ap! ★★★★★

I’ve used several task and calendar aps. This is the best at really keeping you focused on your goals and seeing where your time is going. Also the developer is very responsive to emails and provides quick responses to questions. Pro version is definitely worth it.

— Makin’ waves

Mr ★★★★★

Great app. I’ve checked out the best ipad apps including web apps and this one tops them all. Easy to use and full featured. Best goal setting and tracking app in the App Store.

— Edezylva

Excellent complement to the organizer! ★★★★★

I use Time Optimizer for iPad every day. It helps me a lot for setting goals, breaking down to tasks, allocating relevant amount of time. The most important – convenient managing all this stuff! But I don’t carry my iPad in pocket daily. So, this app for iPhone lets me keep in mind all my tasks 24 hours a day! Thank you for beautiful app! Sincerely, Evgen Adoniev

— EA160372

Paulette ★★★★★

I can’t believe how GREAT this app is!! I’ve been looking for the perfect organizer and this is it. It’s everything I need in one. Now I can plan, schedule, set goals, etc… And all for free!!!

— She’s A Basket Case

Great app ★★★★★

Very useful and well conceived application. Developers really dedicated time and thought to the structure and flow of the underlyng subject. Easy to use and productive.

— Mo877

Good ★★★★

Very helpful, clear presentation of time spent, specially if working on several projects at the same time.

— J.Cz.R

Pretty good ★★★★★

I tried many to-do-list and calendars, and finally found this amazing one. It is exactly what I want. 100% recommend!

— Petepanjade

Perfect tool for getting life back on track ★★★★★

I always wanted an app that would keep track of what I do and how long I do it for. This app makes it easy to see which areas need more attention and which areas I could be spending less time. I love the fact that it isn’t linked to my google calendar and other calendars since it would be really messy to have a list of things I do for every day. It functions just like a notebook you can carry in your pocket to keep track of your daily routine and also to plan your day.

— Dki652

Wow – This is fantastic – Today I can start to project manage my entire life ★★★★★

Have been looking for a simple to use task manager with graphical display – amazing Amazing – I can now map out my life and project forward in time well in advance Best of all “it’s not rocket science” the user interface is intuitive. Future Suggestions Would be great if each task or appointment could have the user selectable option to sync with the internal calendar on an individual record post/update basis, post to calendar only, extract from only, and full sync options.

— bNed Kelly

Exceptional! ★★★★★

Other apps get bogged down in ‘To Do’ lists, but this keeps you focused on the big picture, with the ability to also create practical tasks to get you there. The layout is also light years ahead of others. Go for this if you want to achieve big things, or use others if you want to plod through ‘To Dos’.

— PriestlyLotus

Best GTD app specially for tracking goals ★★★★★

There are lot of apps in this category but this is best because u can first set the goal and then track activities it is better some apps which are more than 20$ …..

— by – Version 1.0.9

Finally! Something Goal-Oriented Wonderful ★★★★★

I have used a lot of calendars and planners – paper and pencil and electronic – and I have finally found one that helps keep me goal-oriented. This app allows me to find-tune my schedule so that I am not combing through tasks that are not important. It will help me stay on top of the things that really matter. I’m sold!!!

— Rgshelton

Wonderful ★★★★★

Who ever created this app did a wonderful job. This is an excellent app. I have not found a better one. Thank you so much for this!!!!!!!!!!

— bburns28

Very slick and easy to use ★★★★★

This is a very well designed and useful app. Heaven knows I need me some time optimization…and this product hits the spot. Kind of like a life coach always there to remind me what needs to get done. Thanks for making this available!!

— ejimmyd

Fast Track Tool to a Most Meaningful and Fulfilling Life ★★★★★

This amazing app makes it easy to visualize and clarify the life I truly want to live, and then to blaze the trail to it! It is like having both a personal coach to help distill from the complexity of life, what is truly most essential & meaningful, and then having a personal assistant to keep me on task each step of the way.

— Brentwood

Genius App! ★★★★★

Very creative! Especially like the tasks and goal attaining feature


Works! ★★★★★

I’ve been using the time optimizer for a short while and already am being more productive and less busy. Great app!

— Aji photo

Thank you!!! ★★★★★

Great thing from Lyudmila Bogush-Dhand! I was waiting for it for half a year!!

— Adam

Wow!!! ★★★★★

That’s a great thing! I can see different goals of my life, join special tasks to achieve them and BUM!!! I can reach anything a want! And i have no chance to forget something because all the parts of the soft are very nicely interconnected. So having a 1 year dream I can start doing something for it even today. That’s not just an organizer, that’s a tool for achieving my dreams. And of course, having it on my iPad, I may have everything with me wherever I go.

— TatTasyts

Great Scheduler ★★★★★

Great Scheduler: – Easy to use – an excellent separation of the different spheres of life – the day, week, month, year – all at a glance and see all the linkage – see all the orders which I give to someone – it is easy to control subordinates – always before the eyes of plans for any period of time, I now take up the next year and a half – THE MOST IMPORTANT for me: the scheduler makes you wonder about the appropriateness of any work that you plan to do :))) very stimulating BE EFFECTIVE :)))

— Dnepr Orel

Time Optimizer ★★★★★

Very cool planner! Every time create a task, “he asks bind” it to the target and determine one of the key areas, and then you realize: Why do I need this problem? By using this scheduler is more sensible approach to the planning of his time.

— Kirill_B

Bravo!!!! ★★★★★

Combines the excellent UI, and scheduling application of very surprising. To sense the beauty of the screen, readability, ease of use, sophisticated ýß Hats off to all because it is, to be managed more scheduled in the iPad is a recommended product application because it becomes mandatory. It is my hope, we hope consideration will be like If you have six key items the user can set, so users will increase further. Also, thanks to full provided free of charge. Thank you.

— SW58

It’s Great! ★★★★★

I love it and I’m looking forward to buy a pro version. I think I found the tool to improve my time menagment. Try it and you will see what Im talking about.

— Rafa Sakowski

Great app! ★★★★★

Useful and extraordinarily effective. Glad if possible to change the custom categories. Thank you.

— ruti59

Feature rich yet free ★★★★★

I was looking for a good task managers for long and found this to be best. I have tried all free and freemium apps and found them lacking the features available in this app. This app is a bit too structured, and may take time to learn it.but I loved it. else you can just simply use task feature.

— Ashish Tiwari

This is amazing ★★★★★

Great app! Exactly what I want!I think it is even better than some highIy costed apps… Really thanks for sharing it. My two suggestions about it : 1. It would be great if could set password for entering, cause more than one people may use one iPad . 2. The time option would be great if could choose multi options. Like Saturday+Sunday, or maybe Monday+Thursday.. Thank you:-)

— Sherry PP

RE: Pro ★★★★★

I’ve taken the time to research some of the best organization apps and you guys have come out on top. Keep up the great work. You’ve really got a great product. I really look forward to future updates.

— Emmanuel De Zylva

Time Optimizer feedback ★★★★★


I love your app. I am excited out the ability to use goals to drive my calendar and tasks.

I would like the ability to change the Key Areas so that I can add my own.

Otherwise, excellent app!

— Rene

Time Optimizer feedback ★★★★★


Awesome app, I have been looking all my life for this. A few suggestions- it would be nice to have a way of marking repeated tasks completed, like you can with non-repeating tasks. Also, in the monthly planner view, if there are too many overlapping goals, they also visibly overlap each other and are hard to see. It would also be nice to edit/add categories other than sticking with the ones listed. Just thought I’d let you know my suggestions! I understand you can only customize this app so much.

— Matt

Time Optimizer feedback ★★★★★


I just discovered this app and am seriously amazed — it does a LOT of what I’ve been searching for… I’m sure you’re receiving this feedback already, but if this could integrate with Google Calendar or the iOS Calendar, that would make this much more effective for me.

Looking forward to trying this out at work. Thanks for this neat approach to time management!

— Julia

Good NewsTime Optimizer feedback ★★★★★

This app is not to be under estimated. I have studied many scheduling apps and this one by far exceeds any other app out there that I have seen. It covers every eventuality and aspect of the scheduling program that you would want.

It is easy, fast, extremely well organized and easy to understand.
And the tutorial is extremely well put together so that you get a full understanding of how to use this to it’s fullest extent.

The breadth and depth of this program shows true ingenuity. I hope that shows the future trend in the designing of apps.

It is obvious that a lot of care, time and effort was put into this to make it as good as it can be.

— Kirk Mossing

Brilliant app like it a lot ★★★★★

Covers a lot in terms of organisation. Would be better if I could rename the six areas so that they fit my lifestyle and needs.

— Eric Davey

Amazing! ★★★★★

The app is amazing! I wish I could change the Key Area. If you can change it, I will use it without a doubt, and many others like me. Thank you anyway.

— Ruti
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