Apple iCloud

Using Apple iCloud

  • Setup a FREE Apple iCloud account — iOS / Settings / iCloud /
  • iOS / Settings / iCloud / iCloud Drive <ON>
  • Choose to store your data on iCloud for both Time Optimizer & Time Companion — Settings panel in each app
  • Time Optimizer Pro users: We strongly recommend using Time Optimizer Pro’s Backup & Restore function when using iCloud.  When using iCloud Apple provides no method to backup an app’s data.

Trouble with iCloud

Note: iCloud data can become unavailable or not sync because of an iCloud account change.  See Apple Settings.

  1. iCloud account not setup OR
  2. iCloud Drive not turned on OR
  3. iCloud Documents & Data are turned off

1] Reset your Device

Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button together
[for at least ten seconds], until the Apple logo appears.

2] If Sync doesn’t start then do this

Sometime there is corrupt data from iOS 6 iCloud.  This procedure can clean the data. Note that you might see no data for up to 30 mins.  The first time to sync data can take from a few second to 30 mins. 

  1. Delete Time Companion
  2. Use Pro’s Backup & Restore to backup your data
  3. Use Pro’s Restore and select to use iCloud after the data is restored
  4. Install Time Companion and select to use iCloud
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