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User Manuals

Time Optimizer, Time Companion and Calendar Planner have detailed User Manuals in each app.
Time Optimizer additionally has Quick Help overlays for each Module.


See Features & Tips and Contacts List Help on No Inbox web page


Most Problem are fixed by Resetting your Device

Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button together
[for at least ten seconds], until the Apple logo appears.



Q : Can I create my own Key Areas?
A : Yes, the ability to customize the Six Key Areas is in Time Optimizer Pro.

Q : Can I synchronize Time Optimizer with Apple iCal or Google Calendar?
A : Yes, Time Optimizer Pro can IMPORT into Google Calendar. FULL Sync for Apple & Google Calendar in future updates.

Q : What is the difference between Time Optimizer [free] and Time Optimizer Pro?
A : Time Optimizer Pro has MANY additional functions.
     • • • See Time Optimizer — Pro ONLY Functions

Q : What is Time Optimizer… Calendar, Scheduler, or To-Do App?
A : Optimizer is in a category by itself. A calendar’s primary function is Task scheduling and project managers with achieving Goals. Time Optimizer is a Personal Time, Project and Life Management tool.

This is done by categorizing your Goals & Tasks in Six Key Areas allowing you to see where you have delegated your time & efforts. With this overview you can now choose to optimizer your time & efforts!

Goals are primary and Tasks are secondary. The association of Tasks to Goals optimizes your time by not performing Tasks that do not forward your Goals.

Q : Will Time Optimizer be on iPhone?
A : Yes, use Time Companion.
      • • • See Time Companion — for iPhone

Q : How do I start using the Time Optimizer?
A : In the Library or Goals Modules enter a few Goals and optionally add Tasks to each Goal.

Take the time & effort to enter at least one Goal in each of the Six Key Areas

Q : Why DON’T Project Frames add to TOTAL TIME TODAY?
A : Project Frames are the framework for a project: its Title, Begin & Complete dates. The Project Frames themselves do NOT add any time to the TOTAL TIME TODAY. Short, Long, Course, and Sometime-today Tasks are used to accomplish theseprojects and these add to the TOTAL TIME TODAY.

Q : Where can I add notes?
A : At this time only in the About area for Goals and Tasks. We will be adding a NOTES module.

Q : Does switching the content to Example Data erase My Data?
A : No, it does not. You can switch between My Data and Example Data at any time.

Q : What is a Sometime-today Task?
A : It has the Amount of Time need for a Task to be accomplished but not specified when it will begin or be completed. Represented by an outlined thick line at the top of the day-square to the left of that day’s number of the month.

Q : Why are Sometime-today Tasks NOT moved automatically to the next day if they are not completed?
A : They are not automatically transferred to the next day to not clutter up your space with incomplete Tasks. This provides the opportunity to decide which Sometime-today Tasks are really important.

Q : Why are some of my Tasks not sorted by time?
A : Tasks are first sorted by Task Type then by time. The Task Type that are most important are shown first, then lesser important Tasks Types.

  • Project Frames
  • Long Tasks
  • Course Tasks [morning, afternoon, evening]
  • Short Tasks [morning, afternoon, evening]


The Five Modules

Q : What can I do in the LIBRARY Module?
A : Create a list of your thoughts, dreams, ideas and to find ways to implement them.

Q : What can I do in the GOALS Module?
A : Enter Goals choosing 1 of these 3 types:

  1. Known Begin date only.
  2. Known Complete date only.
  3. Known Begin & Complete dates.

Q : What can I do in the PLANNER Module?
A : Enter, edit and have a graphical view of Tasks. Also, a view a list of Scheduled Tasks organized by its Key Area.

Q : What can I do in the TASKS Module?
A : In the right column enter, edit and have a detailed view of the Scheduled Tasks for one day. In the left column a list of Sometime- today Tasks and Project Frames.

Q : What can I do in the TO-DO Module?
A : Rapidly View, Edit, Create & Check-off Completed Tasks of each Goal.



Entering Birthdays
Specifically, what we are doing is creating a Goal like, “happy family” or “business networking”. In this way you see the reasons you allocate the time & effort.

  • Create a Begin only Goal in the LIBRARY or GOALS Modules
  • Name it something like Birthdays, Family Birthdays, Business Birthdays…
  • Create a Task for each Birthday associated with this Goal

Delegated Tasks for a Project
Create a Project Frame in the PLANNER or TASKS Modules for the delegated task/project. The time for this will not add to your TIME TOTALS.


Migrating Calendars into Time Optimizer Pro

This will work with any calendar you can import into Google Calendar

Exporting calendars from Mac OS X

  • From your Mac’s click the [Calendars button] to open the calendar column
  • Select the specific calendar to export
  • File : Export : Export…
  • Save this file to your desktop

Import into Google Calendar

  • Web browser : Google Calendar click the gear icon icon and select Settings
  • Select Calendars tab and click Import calendar
  • Click [Choose File] and select the saved file and then [Import]

IMPORT into Time Optimizer Pro

  • Time Optimizer Pro : Settings : Google Calendar IMPORT
  • [Update Google Calendars Now]
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