Time Companion

Time Companion for iPhone

Time Optimizer & Time Companion are designed to work with each other. They can sync all data between each other.
They are currently NOT compatible with Calendar Planner.

What is Time Companion?

  • Time Companion is a best used with Time Optimizer & Pro
  • Uses the same Goals Management Technology utilized in Time Optimizer & Pro
  • Calendar app with Organized Tasks and Goals
  • To-Do app with Time Calculations
  • Get-Things-Done app with Goals for your Tasks
  • Planner app that your Goals are Primary and their Tasks Secondary


MONTH Module

  • Quickly choose a day to view in detail in the DAY and TO-DO Modules
  • Circle graphics display amount of Schedule & Sometime-today Tasks
  • Graphical & numerical overview of ALL your Tasks
  • View how busy you are, see trends over weeks and months

DAY Module

  • View all your Tasks types in one simple & powerful view
  • All Scheduled Task Types, Sometime-today Tasks & Project Frames
  • Also, your total allocated time for each day

To-Do Module

  • Icons and color code for all Task Types
  • Rapidly View, Create, Edit & Check off Tasks
  • Rich with Time Calculations for…
    • Each Day
    • To-Do & Done Tasks
    • Scheduled Tasks
    • Sometime-today Tasks


  • Quickly show/hide unimportant Tasks

Date & Time

  • No More Scrolling to Set Date & Time
  • The Fastest & Easiest Interface to Create, View & Edit


  • View, Edit & Create Tasks with ALL attributes of Time Optimizer Pro
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